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From 2019- 2021, I’ve been part of the Innovation team at the Alan Turing Institute, the UK’s National Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. I worked between academics, data scientists and industrial partners to scope new projects across programmes, including Data Science for Science, Government and the Environment.

I have been spearheading the Institute’s activities in applying AI and Data Science in climate change mitigation, adaptation and resilience. I have scoped new research opportunities and identified new projects and partnerships in data science and AI for the environment. Some of the partners I have collaborated with include the UK’s Met Office, WWF, Microsoft, Toyota Mobility Foundation, NESTA, the Ministry of Defence, UNDP, and several British academic labs.

I have also led a series of workshops with policymakers, academics, and industry partners to gather feedback on innovation programmes and provide strategic recommendations. At the Turing, I have contributed to research on climate security, conducted literature reviews, scoped a funding call on climate action and drafted reports and public consultations. Lastly, I’m a co-organiser of the Turing’s Sustainability & Environment interest group, a community of 400+ members from industry, academia and government discussing AI’s role in tackling environmental challenges.

Since October 2021, I’m part of the volunteer leadership team of the Tools Practice and Systems programme. More details about my work at the Turing here and here.

We need a dream-world to discover the features
of the real world we think we inhabit.


I’m a London based strategic designer, and researcher. I’m interested in the boundary-muddlings of information, computation, minds and nature. My email is always open to ethersamplers, epistemic humorists, and ungoogleable souls.