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Part of my Subak Fellowship.

A rapid transition to a net-zero world requires an open ecosystem of data, software, and digital infrastructure that help us decarbonise various industries and protect environmental systems. And while we see a broader trend toward open source technology projects, there is no evidence on which projects can be considered critical digital infrastructure for climate change mitigation and where significant funding and resourcing gaps exist. 

After a year of intensive mapping of the open source software landscape for climate action on OpenSustain.tech, we will analyse the health and vibrancy of this emerging ecosystem (Link). We want to discover: areas where this digital infrastructure is mature; where tools or processes exist that funders should support instead of forging a new path; new possibilities to connect various projects; and general concerns and hurdles that have limited the development of best practice. We expect that triangulating these dynamics would shed light on important economic and governance issues that lead us towards a more diverse and well-funded ecosystem for critical digital infrastructure for planetary sustainability.  

We need a dream-world to discover the features
of the real world we think we inhabit.


I’m a London based strategic designer, researcher, and entrepreneur. I’m interested in the boundary-muddlings of information, computation, minds and nature. My email is always open to ethersamplers, epistemic humorists, and ungoogleable souls.